Selling Weed Online is Very Easy

With the current green rush underway, most of you must be wondering and pondering how to sell weed online. You see the light at the end of the tunnel and want to grab a piece of that pie, even if it is a little piece. Not only that, but it’s about time that the pioneers of the cannabis industry who have been forced to stay underground for so long finally get to unleash their full potential and expand into mainstream business society.

The perks of having an online dispensary are infinite. In addition, the perks of having an online presence even if you have a retail location, are even better. Your online presence will increase your sales, your customer acquisition percentage, and increase your brand reach and brand awareness. It’s a win-win-win-win.

Whether you are a one-location dispensary or a ten-location dispensary, take advantage of ecommerce and it’s turnkey capabilities that cater to your every business needs.

One of our favourite tactics to increases sales when it comes to the cannabis industry is the scarcity and urgency tactic.

The fear or missing out can have a very powerful motivating effect on consumers… especially weed connoisseurs that know their stains. Recently, WhichTestWon showed that when a countdown timer was placed on a product page, the timer converted 9% better than a variation product page without a scarcity timer.

This test was done on an apparel product page. Now, try and imagine what it would be like when it is a rare cannabis strain where there is only two pounds of inventory in stock? It will be a frenzy to see which customers can be the quickest to their cart pages. Creating a sense of urgency among your community can help make more of your customers buy and less of your customers to have time to think about buying.

There is potential for site visitors to procrastinate and try to delay their decision to complete the purchase. According to a study done by Centre De Recherche, customers that were seen as likely to procrastinate had a 73% change to not make a purchase decision immediately. Therefore, if you can create a sense of urgency you have the opportunity to increase your sales by 73%.

Your philosophy should be “buy now or miss out on trying some of the best cannabis in the world!”